It is of the utmost importance that every man exercises his second amendment right. The right to self defense is exactly what it is – a right, and should be allowed to be carried out using whatever tools of the day are available. In 1778, you had a musket, now, you have an AR-15. This article is somewhat meant for people who already have guns, but it is directly aimed at people who do not have them, and wish to acquire them. The order that you get these guns is not as important as the reality of actually owning one. Some will serve multiple purposes, but you will have to identify what your needs are and evaluate your current situation so you can decide which one to purchase first.

Gun 1: Pistol
It doesn’t have to be fancy. it doesn’t have to be terribly expensive, and it doesn’t have to be the highest caliber possible. Don’t go out and buy a Desert Eagle because it can rip a man in half. When buying a pistol, you will need one that will always work, is easy to conceal, easy to unholster and fire, and doesn’t cost your life savings to shoot. Do some research online before going into a gun shop, and of course check to see if you need a license to buy. When you finally go into the gun shop, be sure to feel the pistols that you are interested in – how they feel in your hands, how comfortable you are working the mechanisms, etc. A pistol is meant to be for concealed or open carry in public, and home defense.

Gun 2: Shotgun
This is strictly for home defense, as a shotgun doesn’t have to be aimed perfectly to work. It is the ultimate close ranged weapon and will remain so until someone invents Professor X style mind control. When looking for a shotgun, settle on a Mossberg or a Remington, 12 gauge. No need to look further than that, unless you want to not have to pump it every shot. Look to Benelli for that.

Gun 3: Assault Rifle
These are the death machines dropping children and defenseless gays left and right according to the liberal media. This is for both fun at the range, and the first weapon you pick up in the event of a violent uprising in your area or a revolution. The assault rifle is your best friend for both larger scale threats and effective engagement of targets near and far. Depending on your state, you may have magazine capacity restrictions or even restrictions on ARs in general. In those cases, either buy higher capacity magazines out of state, and buy a long range bolt action rifle.

Searching for the right gun shouldn’t feel stressful or pressured. It should be fun, because shooting is one of those activities that you can do your whole life. Now that Hillary is not going to be in the White House, you can leisurely go shopping for your new piece!