When I was a freshman in college, my buddy had a high school girlfriend who was very outspoken about certain issues. The topic of transsexuals came up, and the girlfriend, Ada, went on to gush about her friend who was a boy who turned into a girl. Ada said that they made everyone around them kowtow to their awful life decision and fawn over them and stroke their fragile ego, because this person was “hurt.” Ada even tried to convince me that the person was always a “she” even way before the operation. I asked, “so even when they were born they were born a she?” Ada said yes. I said in jest that people who do this should be called an “it.” Ada got offended and said that she is her best friend and loves her and the word “it” triggers a meltdown for this person. Needless to say, I was still not convinced that this person was a “she” any more than Bruce Jenner.

            It’s really tough having a normal conversation with these kinds of people. Without regurgitating what many articles on this website have said before, these people do not understand logic and become hostile whenever holes (usually numerous) are poked in their arguments. Even some of them go so far as to get you in trouble for a sliver of a dissenting opinion.

            While this article is not just about trannies, I brought it up to begin making a point. People who are mentally unstable are insatiable and intolerant. They want their environment to conform to them and their whims, and become hostile whenever something doesn’t fit or makes them uncomfortable. Some (or maybe most) of these people think that hurting their ego should be a crime. Like in the case with the freak Ada knew, these people are so concerned with labels and making everyone know what they think they are, that it becomes their entire lifestyle. It consumes them and every little thing they perceive as a transgression against their ego becomes an enemy that must be completely eradicated and rebuilt in their DSM image.

            This is not a butt hurt whinging essay, but a call to arms. You must beat them on their own turf. They have infiltrated the legislative system and all other institutions to pander to their sickness. These freaks of nature who would have been drawn and quartered by the Romans, or thrown in a padded cell with frequent shock therapy for the rest of their existence in the early 20th century – are now hailed as “heroes” and “courageous” by today’s society. A man who wears girl’s clothes, cuts off his dick, and pumps himself full of hormones while playing victim 24/7 is seen as an “inspiration.” Even the shithole known to some as New York City slaps a $250,000 fine on people who accidentally call a tranny by the wrong pronoun. Men, it is time to reverse this element of the decline. When one of these monsters tries to demand that you accept them, tell them to start an island of misfit freaks and to stay away forever. If someone tries to tell you that Stalin or Mao was a great leader, make them choke to death on their iPhone that capitalism granted them. These things that call themselves people are always hungry, and they won’t stop until everything that is different from them is either destroyed or merited jail time.