There comes a time in an awakened man’s life when he must fully accept reality. Swallowing the red pill definitely gives you a shock, and depending on your level of conditioning and brainwashing pre-swallow, then your reaction may be different. For me, the stages of grief when struggling to accept this reality were pretty short. I never wallowed in depression or lashed out at everyone. Hell, even when I’m still finding how far the rabbit hole goes in some instances, I feel a small wave of sadness and/or anger. Your reaction may have been (or might be) different, and you may be stuck in one of these stages. Never fear, I am here.

Of course the first and easiest thing to do when confronted with the whole truth is to reject it and call BS. Some people run the other direction (sometimes literally) because their mind isn’t able to handle it. The more brainwashing/conditioning you were subjected to, the longer it will take for you to break through this first phase. I wish I could believe that anyone has the capacity to do it, but the reality is that some people are beyond repair, and it is a pitiful affair indeed. Denial can come in many forms:

“It’s her loss. I’m too good for her.”
“I’m just not her type. Some girls like beer bellies.”
“I’ll stop eating unhealthy after the holidays.”

After you have recognized that the truth is real, you get angry. You end up hating the truth. Some people around you who are still blue pill might cause you to attack them for not seeing what you see. Maybe there is a part of yourself that you deep down wanted to fix, but years have gone by and now you are pissed that you let it go for so long. Don’t end up hurting yourself or others simply for what is. It’s no use taking unnecessary risks at this stage of the game because with anger can come recklessness. And if you’re not careful, you could be in anger limbo for a while if you let it consume you. Meditate and take pause to think during these times and you will get a clear head faster.

The simplest way this can manifest is if you are religiously inclined and start to ask questions in your head over and over. Maybe before or duringĀ a break up you ask a series of “only if” questions where if you made these changes then this wouldn’t be happening. Although the easiest way bargaining comes about in a red pill context is through taking shortcuts. You may find that you aren’t jacked and look for gimmicky workouts that promise an amazing body in one month or look for pills to take that promise huge gains in very short amounts of time. Maybe you want to get girls, but instead of putting the work in and improving your game, you buy axe body spray that promises an endless supply of girls no matter how you look. Anything worth something in life requires you to put in the effort and the time, plain and simple.

You may bounce in and out of this one, but if this stage takes a real hold on you, then you need to seriously evaluate your situation and start taking action. Depression gets you nowhere. You can still get depressed briefly even if you’ve already accepted reality. If nuclear war was coming next week, I would most definitely have a bout of depression lamenting the loss of literally everything. In most cases though, depression only serves to remind you that the truth can be cold and hard. Often times the truth is not for the faint of heart, and some people might find themselves totally detached from themselves because they deem everything worthless and without meaning anymore. What might have once allowed them to get out of bed is now gone. Death could even be a solution if you’re that far gone.

The reality you now fully understand is clear. You reason that whatever is troubling you has a solution. You set out to improve yourself and find answers to your questions. You try to find others who share the same mindset as you because facing this reality alone would really suck at times. You begin to forge your own path because you now realize that you are in charge of your own destiny and that whatever challenge lies ahead can be dealt with. Cynicism is the flavor of the day and you scoff at those who try to put you back under the spell. You may even come to yearn and enjoy the challenges because the tasty fruit at the end is oh-so-worth-it. The time for complaining is over, the time for slaying dragons is at hand.