Most would agree with me that the hardest part of unplugging from the matrix is discovering how many blue pillers are around you. Some veterans may tell you that it’s all part of the life – that you are going to lose a few friends and possibly alienate yourself from some family. I get it, you need to move on. But when you first break free, your red pill knowledge tends to flow out on its own, and you find yourself entertaining people with debates. What will inevitably happen though, is the realization that people you thought were unique are just like everyone else. These people suddenly become indistinguishable from your average sheep. You find that they don’t understand basic logic, don’t care about facts, believe what they were conditioned to believe, and don’t bother to think for themselves.

The born-again red piller will find that he has two courses of action: either try and wake them up from their dream, or move on entirely no matter the costs. The first option is generally what the newly christened red piller goes for because he doesn’t want to lose the people he remembers having good times with. He also rationalizes that it would be foolish to simply throw away a relationship that has lasted for years. So the red piller engages in healthy debate time after time, only to be met with grinding hostility or outright denial and inane logic. Over time, he sees that some of these people not only cannot be saved, but they outright show that they do not want to be saved. As one encounter after another leaves a bitter taste in the red piller’s mouth, he starts to get frustrated and angry that the people he once considered close suddenly seemed further than ever before. He hates that they are unwilling to accept or believe facts, even when literally presented before them. Though every cloud has a silver lining, and the red piller may find that there are one or two people he knows that just needed a little nudge to fully unplug from the insanity. Despite this, he grieves internally at what was lost. He reads up on┬ámore and more red pill veterans and recognizes the lies and the deceit are all around him at all times of the day. He may even go through the stages of grief, but still knows that the bitter reality is better than being under a spell.
This wouldn’t be complete without a personal story. I had a friend who I have known since the first grade. I could have even called him my best friend at one point. We hung out a lot and even though we went to different high schools and colleges, we still managed to pick up where we left off as if we just saw each other yesterday. This kid never had a girlfriend, but it didn’t matter because we were cool with each other. One day he announces to me that he got a girlfriend. I thought nothing of it, and was genuinely fine with him getting laid. Things quickly turned bad though. At first he would blow me off for hangouts as he was with his girl. “That’s fine,” I thought. He was in the beginning of a relationship and was feeling the high of a new girl. I thought that it would pass and he would settle down. As time went on, we would both initiate hang outs and I thought he had finally got over that beginning phase. What would happen every time we hung out was one of two things: either she would contact him mid-hangout and he would tell me “sorry I have to go be with my girlfriend” or he would intentionally find a reason to be with his girl even if we scheduled something for a good portion of the day. More time went on, and the only time he would text me would be if he needed something from me, whether it be money or weed. After swallowing the red pill and discovering more truths, I found out he was suffering from what we call “oneitis.” In other words, he was full blown pussywhipped. So one day he texted me, asking to hang out and I asked if he was still with his girlfriend. He said yes. I told him “dump her and then we can hang out :D.” It was a little tough getting that one out, but it had to be done. He would have to choose between me and her, and I wasn’t going to play second fiddle to a vagina any longer.