I implore any man who is a regular reader of manosphere materials to think back to what first made them click that first link that took them to Return of Kings, or any other red-pill sites. I then want you to visualize or try to recall the moment when a lot “clicked” with you and you had an internal or audible “ah ha!” moment when it all made sense to you; when the lies and deceit that much of society forcibly tries to indoctrinate you with today seemed to reveal their true nature to you, and suddenly made you ask so many questions about different points in your life when you may have been tricked by these lies, or outright believed them in their convoluted delusion. Well my friends, the veil has been pulled back. Maybe you felt anger, depression, denial, sadness, guilty, embarrassed, or any combination of these. In the end, the only true path is to accept your surroundings and adapt like men have done for generations, and crush the obstacles of their day with ruthless abandon and never regret it.

In the meantime before true self-actualization is achieved and you can operate at tip-top efficiency, one must shed the many years of conditioning that has tried to ensnare us in its enslaving grip. It is impossible to know when we have fully evicted the poison form our bodies and mind, but that doesn’t matter. The important thing is not seeing yourself as a mythical red-pill god where you slay feminist beasts and conquer pussy like Genghis Khan. Rather it is recognizing those things that are meant to trick you and lead you astray, and to correct yourself accordingly, then move on. While the red-pill warrior with liquid wisdom pumping through his veins (and testicles) is a nice goal to have, you must not consider anything less than 100% self-actualization as a cause for unhappiness or despair. Instead, let it drive you to crush more obstacles in front of you and over time you will see improvements coming naturally to you as with anything you dedicate yourself to. Good old fashioned discipline is paramount to what makes a man at his core. If any of the men who write for Return of Kings had no discipline, would they be there in the first place? I think not.

It is hard to quantify the length of time it takes for a man to reach 100%, but if I were a math guy, then I would say it is a function of how many years you were asleep verses the amount of time you were awake – figuratively speaking. The longer you were under the cultural Marxist spell, the longer it will take for you to completely rid yourself of beta behavior that is trying to make you not succeed.

You never know when it may come up. Beta conditioning is very dangerous, and can sometimes linger in the system for years and manifest itself when you least expect it. It is so poisonous, that even some of the most bona-fide red pill alphas can succumb to the poison that lingered and fall back into the clutches of sickening blue pill betaness. Train your conscious mind to always catch when these sneaky beta traits try to worm their way out of your mouth or influence your actions. Stamp them down, break their legs, murder them, dissolve them in acid, bury them, and salt the earth that inhabits their wretched blue corpses. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but this is a war of attrition. Never let the enemy out of their trenches and fill no man’s land with their dead, and not yours. Give in and you risk steering down a path of unhappiness, non-fulfillment, lack of motivation, and complacency. These are hard battles that will be fought to win the war on the day of your death. When you are hopefully surrounded by people you actually care about in your last moments, you should be able to say with absolute conviction that you had won the war, and die with a smirk on your face. Take no prisoners fellas, and I will see you on the battlefield.