There is a lot of places out there telling you what to think. A lot of people that claim to know what you want. They could be advertisements, religious types, news anchors, politicians, or university “intellectuals.” Much has been written on the effect cultural Marxism has on a population. To break some of it down, if the people who have a sinister agenda want to influence public opinion and get the sheep to believe anything, then they have to subvert the institutions that society thinks it can trust, because those are the institutions people turn to when they need guidance or knowledge. If a university professor who teaches medicine told you that aspirin will kill you in the long run, would you be inclined to believe him? If the President of the United States and many high ranking politicians told you that Russia was preparing to invade and take away everything you hold dear, would you believe them? You would certainly feel anxious, even if you distrusted them in the first place. We have an innate desire to believe people who hold positions of perceived authority. If that wasn’t true, then there would be no Alexander The Great, Julius Caesar, Carl Sagan, or Pope John Paul II. It is through these types of people where we derive our understanding of which we do not understand, or are incapable of finding out for ourselves. I couldn’t dream of researching quantum physics like Stephen Hawking can. I simply don’t have the time, or the desire, but if he came out with a research paper on the existence of alternate universes, then  I would be happy to read it.

It is easy to get caught up in the web of lies that the media, government and colleges try to spin for you, because if you can’t trust any of these people, who can you trust? Who can you turn to? Where is the truth? Unfortunately for us normal people, we can no longer take everything we hear as fact. To get out of this mindset of dependency, one needs to adopt a truth seeking mindset. It is important more than ever now to exercise your brain a little and do some research. Find numerous different sources and dissenting opinions. If you want to believe something, find the evidence to support it. Find videos, pictures, and documents. Read a lot, then read some more. Find books that teach you about history and understand what the past was. Understand the mistakes different civilizations made and what worked for them. As you learn more about human nature, our past, how the world works, the root of different evils – you will come to find that many things haven’t changed, or outright parallel something that happened before. You will begin to see a lie before it is finished being said. You will scoff at the naivete of some of your fellow humans. You will start to see the big picture and the motivations behind different actions. Instead of taking everything at face value, you will yearn to search deeper and discover the real”why.”

Think for yourself. Don’t let anyone stop you from finding the truth yourself. Be your own adviser, and always be willing to to dig for answers. Free your mind.