Many female celebrities over the years have been in relationships with their bodyguards. All celebrities have them, and many end up dating them, even during their other relationships. This isn’t too hard to understand, but the why should remind you of the primal nature that drives women’s desire.

Here is a list of celebrities who dated their bodyguards. In other words, they were fucking them, even if the relationship was brief. Even if it was publicly stated as brief, you can probably safely assume that they still fuck them on the side.

Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, Amy Winehouse, Brittany Spears, Kate Gosselin, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, Mariah Carey, and Angelina Jolie.

Those were the only ones I could find on the usual celebrity gossip rags, but you could bet your bottom dollar that many more female celebrities have at least had a one night stand with their bodyguard. This comes back to the primal desire that women have to want a masculine man. Amy Winehouse is even quoted saying “he makes me feel safe and he’s big and strong.” Copy and paste that onto all the other women here because in one form or another, that is the reason why they get wet panties for the strong men that protect them. Bodyguards are masculine security and safety personified. Their job is to protect and keep these women out of harms way. In ancient times, it wasn’t uncommon for a woman of the elite to sleep with the men that she hired to protect her. It shouldn’t surprise you either, because these men both then and now were hired for their time-tested ability to protect women. Man is hardwired to protect the weaker sex, and the weaker sex desires men who can do just that. Women will always want to fuck the alpha male, plain and simple.

If you are a big guy and consider yourself strong, then maybe you just got another idea for a job.