Attention citizens of the world. The epidemic of obesity that is upon us has shown no signs of abating and the effects are being felt across the United States and increasingly outside it as well. A simple search online will show you what happens to pretty girls when they gain weight, and it never works in their favor. So many girls that were easily a 7 and above, quickly plummet to below a 3 after gaining weight.

This is not a call out of desperation. It is an admittance of defeat on the part of the male sex. Man is responsible for molding woman into something he loves. It is man’s job to tell woman what to do, and how to do it. Man has ultimately failed, and has allowed woman to become empowered to be left to her own devices. A man should not allow his woman to gain weight, and a girl who gains weight should know that she will not be desired. The time has come to resort to drastic measures to pull woman back into submission. New laws need to be established, and enforcement needs to be at an absolute maximum. It is time to take charge.

We must get women addicted to cocaine for their own good.

A Brief Look At The Science

Cocaine alters the body’s metabolism and changes the way fat is stored. The body expends energy differently and therefore sheds fat. There are two studies here and here that confirm it.

The Proposal

A new bill needs to be introduced that should be hastily put through the Legislative branch and put into effect immediately:

Article I

All women over the weight of 130 pounds are hereby mandated to acquire an addiction to the drug cocaine. Any woman over the weight ceiling who is not consuming cocaine with consistency has a seven day grace period to show proof of addiction via a blood test. Any woman who fails to adhere to these requirements will be detained in minimum security prison for one month. The prison sentence will include a mandatory consumption of cocaine supplied by the prison authorities. After one month, the inmate will be tested and released if tested positive. If not, the inmate will be required to stay an additional month until compliance with the law.

Article II

The purchase of cocaine will be only permitted from licensed individuals. No state or federal taxes shall be levied or redistributed to fund this program. All purchases shall be made by the citizen and only the citizen.

Article III

All women who qualify are strictly forbidden from making purchases of cocaine on their own. Explicit consent from their respective state municipality or local authority is required in writing. All women who qualify above the weight ceiling must fill out a request form online through a government website created for this purpose. The request form will be processed within 24 hours. The request will be signed by a male judge, and every woman in the program must carry a signed copy of her request form with her at all times.


The brilliance of this law is that it solves two problems: the weight issue and the control issue. Men are put back in control, and women are back to an attractive weight. Female obesity will be wiped off the face of the Earth. Men will benefit both by having a wider selection of quality women to approach, as well as regaining the authority and dominance that they were given by nature. Women are born to be submissive. Submissiveness is a feminine trait. Every degree of trying to be masculine by a woman compounds her unattractiveness. Whether it be making terrible decisions with their looks, or trying to attain positions of power. These measures will have to be taken and doled out with extreme prejudice – otherwise this epidemic will only get worse. We are already seeing the preliminary effects of unattractive women getting too much sympathy. The worst case scenario is the courts telling men to stay with a woman no matter what she does with threat of legal punishment.


State intervention to empower women has been a cancer on our society for long enough. The pendulum must swing to the other direction, and state intervention to empower men is overdue.