Islam is currently in an empowered offensive against Western Civilization in the year of our Lord 2017. Never before have sovereign nations that were built by a people with different ideological foundations willing to give up their way of life to a rabid, belligerent, and virulant group of people with no love for the host culture. Islam has spread to more parts of the globe, and is currently in the process of destroying Europe. The ideological cancer that is Islam is actively engaged in waging war on the West.

Islam has been trying to destroy christianity for centuries. The crusades were a response to Islamic conquest of the West, contrary to what you might be told in school. It is an unchanging and relentless belief system that is not compatable with the Western world. Islam cannot assimilate. They are fundamentally opposed to the way of life the West has and are one of multiple fronts that the (((puppet masters))) have been waging on us in recent history.

Islam only grows in influence and strength when left to its own devices. That is why you need ruthless secular governance when the majority population is Muslim. Iraq had Saddam to keep it under wraps. Iran was Zoroastrian before 1979*, and Syria had a leader that protected Christians. Once Islam is the majority of one nation, it doesn’t stop spreading. The underpinnings of the ideology dictate to followers that Islam needs to spread and that unbelievers should be killed, their women used only for slaking their lust, and instructions to outbreed the native population.  Not only is it an invading culture, but packaged with it, an invading army along with the culture in one massive wave. There will always be over a million men willing to carry out deadly force against unbelievers. ISIS, Al Quaeda, any of these “radical” leaders whose faces are plastered on the news, are just organized enough to find other like minded men within the Islamic community to join them in open warfare with unbelievers.

Islam considers the frontlines of war to be wherever Muslims reside in close proximity to unbelievers. The “moderate” Muslims will do nothing to stop “radical” Muslims from killing infidels. They are complicit in the Islamization of the world. All Islamic governments throughout history have purged non-Muslims from the country in one form or another. That is not to say that countries do not deserve to have ethnic or religious exclusivity. With the case of Islam though, its main perogative is making every country Muslim exclusive and driving out/killing everyone else.

Is this the world you want to live in?

The tide of Islam is but the rabid dog to the (((controllers))) who are waging their own culture war on the inside of Western nations. Feminism, diversity, privilege, political correctness, and all degeneracies promoted by pop culture are part of the war on the West. The scale of the situation that Islam has created for the West only hastens our destruction. Stemming the tide will only buy us time. The hole is deep, but not impossible to climb out of. Cutting the head off the snake is not an option at this time in our history, because the snake has an army in front of it. Once the hyper-militant division of the culture war is utterly annihilated, the problem becomes more managable. For now, we need to deal with the people banging at our door saying they want to kill us.

Islam is not a religion. It is a movement that wears the cloak of religion to get religious benefits by infidel apologists, thereby providing assurance for its survival when faced with annihilation – giving it room to metastasize once again. While there are rules that are included that are non-violent, violence is a means of attaining salvation easily. It is built into the Quran and given equal importance to everything else used to spread Islam. In fact, violence is required in the Quran, and any Muslim that doesn’t openly practice these teachings is either a liar, or supports it.

You might get the “not all muslims” argument, but proof that the ideology teaches these barbaric beliefs doesn’t mean that 100% of adherents to it makes it any less toxic or destructive to us. If only one percent of all Muslims were so called “radical,” then there would still be over 10 million Muslims who are willing to kill you! No other religion has this problem, yet we are told to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. It is nigh time to wake up to the fact that there is nobody in a position of authority who is willing to go great lengths to protect your culture from getting raped, blown up, shot to pieces, and replaced. If you think that you are not your culture, think again. Muslims do not care what group you think you are a part of. We’re all the same to them. Candlelight vigils, Facebook filters, and blaming racism is only going to accelerate the Muslim tsunami that will descend upon the West within our lifetimes. If you think I’m wrong, just look at what happens on a constant basis in Muslim countries. They are not waging war on some distant battlefield, but among us. There is no army marching down the street with banners and uniforms announcing their presence (although there are “demonatrations” in Europe where they wave ISIS flags). These people know that they cannot win at conventional warfare. So they strike fear into the population by making them think that they can die at any moment from a car blowing up, a truck plowing into a crowded area, or a group of heavily armed men going on a spree at a public event. This is how they operate, and to deny us being at war is not only naive, but dangerous. The fallacy that fighting back will increase attacks is not a sensible argument as doing nothing has been increasing attacks a thousand-fold. If pushing back does increase attacks, then it is the perfect opportunity to root out the ones that were going to try to kill us anyway.

Putting all your eggs in the Trump or Le Pen basket is not going to win any battles. Nationalism is seeing a surge, which is a good sign, but the crux if the issue at hand is finding willing participants who can take risks to really achieve the change they desire. I fear that things will only get worse before they get better. They usually do, and most people cannot fathom what the worst could be. The frog still doesn’t know it’s being cooked. We might be backed into the smallest corner before we get organized and deadly, but only time will tell.