Your blood and heritage is attached to the soil you were born in.

I nearly got my mind rewired while I was in school and almost believed the lie that race was created by whites to subvert other races. Anthropology class it was. As an area of study, it is mostly harmless and beneficial because it studies human civilizations and the evolution of biological and physical characteristics of the species. The only problem with it though, is that it can be easily hijacked to peddle leftard social justice programming. I will say though, that it is quite brilliant as to how it was constructed. The things you learned about were all a setup for the chapter on race. While on this topic, I was suddenly snapped out of the lull that was putting me to sleep over the months by this one sentence the professor dictated:

“Think about it, isn’t globalization in the present day, and the entirety of the history of Western civilization, just a tale of racism and exploitation of non-whites?”

It had seemed that this interrogative statement was the final step in the process to make students buy into the lefturd narrative of anti-white-race-doesn’t-exist gravy train. I saw the class for what it was. Learning about the evolution of language, migrations of groups of humans, and the roots of different peoples was a ruse. That statement caused a dichotomy in the room. Either you were jolted out of the trance, or you had a fake “aha!” moment thinking a most profoundly groundbreaking revelation was presented to you making you feel it all fell into place. Yet, a simple search online would have totally destroyed that sentiment the prof was trying to instill in us.

Race Is Real

Whether you like it or not, race is as real as fried chicken. Every single white-governed nation that was taken over by blacks, has collapsed – even if the land had advanced technology and infrastructure. Black IQ averages around 80, while white IQ hovers above 100. White brains average 6-8% larger than blacks, with gene alleles linked to higher intelligence appearing more frequently in whites. Blacks commit over 50% of violent crime, despite being only 14% of the population. Is race still a “social construct?”

Here are some frequently asked questions/poor counter-arguments that try to dispel my assertions:

Africa is bad because there are always violent warlords that stop progress

-After the fall of the Roman Empire, many tribes existed to fight over the remains and kill each other. These tribes advanced to what is now Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, and Italy. Africa, on the other hand, still hasn’t got its shit together. Under colonial rule, it was more stable, had infrastructure, and didn’t have rampant poverty, malnutrition, and violence. If the people had any semblence of self preservation (or intelligence), they would arm themselves to the teeth, establish a basic constitutional government, and protect a set of morals and societal norms that they created to the last man in order to collectively build a better society for their people. Yet, they still live in mud huts and scrounge for berries to live another day.

Liberia sucks because it had a massive civil war that devastated the country

-Guess what? The US had a civil war. Killed over 600,000 people. And guess what? The country didn’t go to shit and become an “every man for himself scenario.” Fancy that! The resultant government even paid huge sums of money for reconstruction and the country’s economy boomed! And while we’re on the topic of wars, Europe had two world wars that utterly leveled many cities and displaced and killed millions. Europe was rebuilt and there was no lawlessness as we see in locations ravaged by war with a majority non-white population.

Isn’t Africa in its current situation because of European colonization?

-First of all, I love how we casually say “Africa,” even though there are dozens of countries there. But we do because the entire continent is one big shithole. Second of all, colonialism was the greatest thing to happen to Africa in the entire history of its existence. Let’s put it this way; before colonialism, there were no railroads, exports, roads, modern buildings, sanitation, advanced agriculture and schools to name a few. You can cite instances of aggression and wars, along with the situation in the Congo all you want. That didn’t go away when the whites left, but what they built did. Funny how that is.

Blacks in the US are on welfare because they need it! We have to give them a chance!

-False. If your government promises to give you money for doing nothing, and has a huge propensity to grant benefits to non-whites, what incentive do you have to trade your time for a paycheck? Blacks see welfare as “reparations” for slavery (even though whites were the first to end slavery but that doesn’t count!), and even if they don’t, it’s free money – too much for the average mudman to pass up. For the ones that don’t suck on the teet of the state and make an honest living, good for them. America wasn’t built on the government giving out free money to everyone.

Foreign Aid

This needs to stop


And now we come to one of the biggest money drains in the history of wastefulness. We would have been better off building things with actual money. According to OECD DAC stats, over $500 billion has been given to Sub Saharan Africa alone. What does this tell us?

It is apparent that throwing money at something does not solve the problem. If you toss a homeless man a $100 bill, he will not invest it, or use it for anything that will improve his current situation. Rather, he will buy drugs or booze to sedate himself. People who cannot help themselves will not use money they receive for free to raise their societal standing. The subsidization of palms-held-out and leeching behavior breeds resentment and a superiority complex among the population that takes and gives nothing back. The hyper-haughty attitude of American blacks, and Muslim/African invaders to the US and Europe all prove this point correct. The native population of both these areas (i.e. whites) toil for their families and their own future, all the while being under the thumb of a government that has the authority to take your hard earned money at gunpoint and give it to people who want nothing more than to take everything you have and laugh in your face before they riot because of “racism.”

The Myth of Exploitation

Quick! They need more freedom from exploitation!


There is a strawman argument that tries to derail any notion that the situation in Africa is in any way the fault of its inhabitants. It usually goes like this:

“Whites have exploited the people of Africa for so long and they never got a chance to build a society that can stand on its own on the world stage.” 

Using other people to get ahead is human nature. It is built in our DNA to make aspects of our lives easier and to acquire more wealth through exploitation, whether the end goal is cheaper fuel, cheaper goods, or cheaper labor. Every people that has ever lives has exploited another people at some point in time ever since homosapiens could form groups. Blaming all the ills of that accursed mud-continent on whites is both disingenuous and naive.

If a people feel exploited by another unjustly, then they should fight for themselves, not cucked race traitors and people who have a false sense of social justice. The colonists in 18th century America started a revolution because of their perceived exploitation by the English. Other peoples have risen up to claim their land as their own and fought for their right of self-determination. Africa is no different, and should decide their fate on their own terms. Yet, wouldn’t the people being exploited have money and resources wringed out of them as opposed to money and resources flowing in at a large rate? Isn’t that the opposite? To the person who can think for themselves, the answer is a resounding yes.

Long Lasting Solutions

The solution I am proposing here that every country should adopt will be a final one that is perennial and everlasting. It must be strictly enforced with impunity and cannot be bent to any direction of anyone’s agenda under penalty of life imprisonment or death, because violating it will eventually spell the death of your people.

All non-natives of the US and Europe will be peacefully relocated to their country of origin—just as peacefully as they arrived without a scratch on their chinny-chin-chins. It will be imperative that this be done in a benign, and not in any violent manner. The trip back home will be safe, and when back in their country, they will be free to do whatever they want to build a nation for their people. All non-natives include people first generation immigrants from Africa, Mexico, the Middle East, and Latin America. Second and third generation immigrants who were born in the US or Europe must also leave. If any violent resistance is encountered by the people conducting the waste removal service will be dealt with with extreme prejudice with no room for second chances. A violent response to my solution will be treated as an occupation force.

Once all undesirables are sent back to their homelands, all foreign aid to any of these geographic areas will be cut off forever. No negotiations will be had, and the people will be left to determine their own fate. If Africa and the Middle East continue to be cesspools of disorder and violence, then they will remain so by their own volition.

Finally, all money that was once used as foreign aid will be redirected into repairing and maintaining, as well as building domestic infrastructure (like the border wall) to make the countries great once more.


All people have a right to their homelands. It is the job of each and every people to make their own countries great. If the world becomes a jumbled up mess with no culture and the subsidizing of an incompatable group of people then it is an inevitability that cultures will clash violently and frequently. We tend to think of the old image of an invasion during contemporary wars where battle lines are defined by each country and they would be marching onto the shores with their guns and tanks and planes ready for a scruff. But the invaders from another tribe don’t need to forcibly enter your homeland, rape your women, and kill native inhabitants—no…guess what they do? They turn their palms out and say,

“Let us in white man, we are humble refugees escaping a war and need to live amongst you. Oh, and don’t forget to give us your money and housing while my buddies plot terror. Also keep in mind that we will draw up a nice little calendar of planned terror attack dates! If any of you complain, we will say the rest of us are innocent, and call you racist!” 

Now think about why we give money to any of these people