The day is June 6th, and it is the 73rd anniversarry of the allied invasion of France. Out of respect for the dead, it is imperative that we take a moment to remember the sacrifice they made so that…

Your country can be invaded by non-white hordes that hate your culture, and on top of that get browbeaten into paying for it.

Being a flaming trans-pedo-nonbinary-faggot is more acceptable than being a conservative straight white man.

Your children can be involved in endless illegal wars for Israel, our “greatest ally.”

Your country can police your speech.

Families are encouraged to break apart and not form in the first place.

You can be a slave to a bank for the rest of your life after being “educated.”

Your culture is determined by pampered degenerates in Hollywood.

Your idea of “The Dream” is determined by materialistic and grotesque carnal desires.

Your country’s media is all controlled and subverted by people who hate you.

Your inner cities resemble warzones.

Your public services are run by foreigners.

Your race is lost forever.


If the men who stormed and defended the beaches of Normandy saw what the world would be like today, they would throw down their arms and join forces against the real (((enemy))).