Happiness is a very simple thing, but it is very difficult to obtain. It is the universal drug that drives most of humanity. Happiness wants us to seize it, but it seems to be just outside our reach, or fleeting but for a short while before we end up chasing it yet again. The high was that good. Men are capable of being happy on their own terms. If you tell a man to make a list of the things he wants the most in life that will make him truly happy, he will never be unhappy as long as he lives if he has these things. Women, on the other hand, could be given their dream man and dream life, but after a few months will start to find a way to destroy it. Women are not capable of manufacturing happiness on their own and must rely on the happiness of the man they are pair bonded with. It is simply nature. You could argue all day about what makes a man happy, but the answer lies in a man’s true nature. He derives his happiness from what he builds and the challenges he conquers, and in the end, enjoying the fruits of what he had sewn.

Here are the four things that every man be happy with just having:

A Loyal Teen Wife

Men want to be left alone, but men don’t want to be alone. —Patrice O’Neal

Polyamory for a man is natural, but if he has a wife who is young, looks stunning, can take care of the household and kids, and have unwavering loyalty and support for everything her man does, then the man will be happy with her as his mate forever. Today, some maintenance is required to mold a woman into something you love. Unfortunately, no such girl exists that can unconditionally provide a man with everything he needs all the time without complaining. The beta male of today does not conduct any maintenance when he finds himself in a relationship. He simply thinks he has “made it.”

Beauty is a girl’s essence, and time is her most valuable resource. When time is not on a girl’s side, she has very little to no bargaining chips to gain the attention of a man. Youth is treasured, and no sane man would marry an older woman unless he had no options left. When a girl reaches sexual maturity and peak fertility, she emits a biological aura that attracts any and every man that sets his eyes upon her. By the time she hits 25, she suddenly loses that edge, and a girl just as pretty who has just hit sexual maturity will be infinitely better and preferred. Such is nature.

Property With Abundant Land

A sizable house with large green spaces surrounding it is a prize that eludes many. A house that is 100% owned by the inhabitant allows one to rest easy. For no institution could claim ownership over his land if the man rests on his laurels for a while. If the man wants to sit in his house for two weeks, fuck his wife and drink whiskey while he reads the Bible, he can do that without fear of any repurcussions. If he wants to live with monks for a few years, he can be assured that he can return to the homestead exactly the way he left it. He can slowly traverse his large yard, listen to the ambient sounds of birds chirping, and smell the smells of nature. His land is his home, and he is content. He can watch his kids frolic and play from his rocking chair on the porch before sitting in front of the fire. The home and his land is where the man rests his heart. Destruction of his land and his home would kill a large part of him and scar his psyche forever. It is for this reason that a man’s true happiness partly rests in having a place to call his own.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is more in line with today’s form of resource allocation. When I say financial freedom, I really mean resource freedom. These days, though, financial freedom is what we refer to. With total financial freedom, a man does not have to worry about the acquisition of food, medicine, or anything that he needs. if a tragedy were to befall him, he would have no worries about using his means to acquire the best of what he can get. Sick? No problem. Parents need end of life care? Not an issue. Need to replenish foodstuffs? Done. A man with the means to solve any resource problems he has is one that has much less worry in his life, and can be happy knowing he will never be helpless to solve something.


The obvious, yet often overlooked facet of life that can be the ultimate determinant to a man’s happiness. A man could have all of these things listed, but if he has a debilitating disease, he will be miserable. Old adages aside, your health is what allows you to carry out your duty and impose your will on the world. Maintenance is required in this area of a man’s happiness and constant vigilance is needed. The occasional splurge in tasty junk is not frowned upon. Watching what he eats is the bare minimum of it. Lifting heavy weights, cardio, and stretching are the holy trinity in physical activity. Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you. When healthy, a man has no fear of getting incapacitated, and can live as he wants well into old age.

Final Words

These are the basic minimum criteria for a truly happy man. Happiness these days has been bastardized into a convuluted belief in materialism and short term dopamine highs. Buying the next gadget, settling with a used girl, getting into debt, and throwing away time for a shot at freedom are all facades meant to keep you chasing what the media and your controllers say is “happiness.” A good gauge of knowing what will lead to true happiness or not is whether or not the person telling you this has the means of happiness themselves—in that they either have something to sell you, or are lulling you into exchanging something and making unecessary sacrifices. Every man knows these four things in his heart. We’re made that way after all.