Police working in black majority precincts are doing their jobs in occupied warzones. Multiculturalism and diversity have been blessing us more and more since 1965. The shooting of Philando Castile is just another drop I the bucket for the meat grinder that is blacks doing stupid things in front of cops that get them killed. While Falcon Heights MN wasn’t a black majority area, areas that do have a black majority are absolute hell to be a cop in, but the wedge driven between the people hired to protect the people that live there and the actual residents has grown so wide that police officers now have cortisol constantly dripping into their bloodstream because they are a target for any one of the people living there. A simple traffic stop has a higher probability of becoming a potential shootout, and your daily patrol could suddenly end when a group of dindus who were told to kill cops by black authority figures decide to mow you down. This doesn’t sound like simple police work, this sounds like being sitting ducks in the middle of Afghanistan.

If the low intelligence populations of these areas continue to eat up the false narrative that cops are out there taking potshots at innocent blacks, then not only will we see more indiscriminate violence towards cops, but we will see more politicians and students of the Frankfurt School pushing for a more militarized police state that will consume peaceful white areas as well. Everyone will suffer. Multiculturalism and race mixing only leads to having tanks driven down the street, and soldiers in full gear with a bandolier of ammo standing on street corners. This is when it doesn’t become protection anymore. It becomes occupation.

Is this Iraq or Detroit?

The white flight of certain areas of the country should be the only evidence we need to reinvigorate these areas back to what they once were. The time for sidestepping the issue of race is swiftly coming to an end. The multicultural agenda is accelerating so fast, that pretty soon whites will be forced to live with low IQ nonwhites no matter where they go. Want to live in the suburbs because the city is a ghetto? Too bad, white man! Dayshawn, Lakeesha and Okonkwo need to live right next to you, you racist!

If the police cannot do their job in areas where the population wants to kill them, then they need to reframe their approach to these areas only. When there is a hostile population, the only course of action is to treat it as an invading army. Drive them out through force. The same goes for Muslims in the white countries of Europe. Wars of old were between two peoples. Now it is the native inhabitants versus their own governments and invading nonwhite hordes. These people want you dead, and the only stumbling block is our traitorous governments that willfully flaunt and flirt with our destruction and replacement.

Police should not be afraid of their duties. It takes courage to go out there and dedicate yourself to protecting a group of people that won’t hesitate to try and kill you because they think #blacklivesmatter. Mark my words, because a day will come when another black criminal is shot by a cop. And on that day, the cops will be brutally executed by the black onlookers. The media and nonwhite-fellating race-traitorous whites will applaud them for “fighting back.” Memorials and a statue for the welfare leech will be erected, and police will be targeted even more as the flames of race war are fanned. It didn’t stop with Michael Brown. It certainly won’t stop with

It’s been a long time comin’ gents, and the future doesn’t look any brighter for police. Say a prayer for our men in blue.