Ahoy! A Plague is among us which threatens the existence of the grassroots movement that calls itself the Alt-Right.

Key Figures

Milo Yianoppolous

With his biggest talking points being anti-feminism, anti-political correctness, build-the-wall, and light forays into immigration, Milo is a subversive as well as a disease which does not belong in the Alt-Right. Ultimately, his own faggotry was what permanently stained his image when he let a small pedophilic nugget slip through. His vilification by the left following that incident was merely an easy recruitment of the left’s rabidity in purging him entirely. The left is not opposed to pedophilia, as others (George Takei) have publicly said much worse. To ass more red flags to him, he has managed to raise over $12 million to start his own media company despite being soured in the public eye.

Mike Cernovich

Mike should be known around these parts of both the Manosphere and other self-improvement outlets. He is one of the more known public personalities that started with recapturing lost masculinity and only recently shifted into politics. Despite the praise many in these spheres may have for him, he has shown his true colors over the years as someone who merely rides a wave for a profit. Not that there is anything wrong with enjoying the fruits of your labor, but MC is as subversive as they come. He married outside his race so that his kids look nothing like him. His assistance in the deconstruction and attack of the left does good to bring people to our side, but it does no good if the people coming over are willing to blindly follow him as they once followed their leftist gods. He has declared himself the poster child and leader of the Alt-Right despite hopping on the wave close to election time. He appears to be a useful ally to the Right because of his relentless attacks on Hillary and his favoritism of content published by Wikileaks. He comes across as anti-corruption and pro-free speech, but distanced himself from a free speech rally in DC because of “anti-semites.” One great way to tell if someone is pretending to be Alt-Right, is to spot blatant hypocrisy commonly shared by the regressive left. Claiming to be for free speech while condemning hate speech is beginning to be a hallmark of the Alt-Lite.

Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph Watson is the premier personality and agent at Infowars and Prison Planet. He has made a name for himself by being the “handsome punk rock guy” with his rants directed at feminism, Islam, celebrities, and various conspiracy topics. He has a unique voice, and can hurl facts and information at you with lightning speed as his video style makes for an attention drawing spectacle. Be that as it may, many here might want to put him in the “moderate” camp, although this video should show you what his true intentions are, red herring tactics at best.

I will transcribe the short exchange here for people who prefer to not watch videos (like me).

Question: What is your opinion on Jewish influence in the media?

PJW: People obsessed with Jews controlling the world never seem to present any evidence—I mean, I read the news every day, I track narratives that the mainstream media comes out with. I don’t see a big jewish influence. Jewish people aren’t really that present, you don’t really notice them anywhere, and I don’t believe in this jewish conspiracy because nobody presents any real credible hardcore evidence that it’s taking place. So I mean, it’s an awful question, that’s why people avoid it let’s be honest because it’s an obsession that you don’t want to be associated with—neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists, and even just, you know, if I saw actual evidence that is was grand conspiracy then I would talk about it but I just don’t see it.

If you watch the video, keep a mental note of his shifting eyes, as if he is on a leash to say the right thing. It is a huge departure from his normal camera-facing attitude, but I do not watch a lot of his Q&A’s, so maybe he is more submissive looking when not rehearsing lines. Simply put for him, he is a shill for Israel.

I just don’t see it

Just a coincidence

Their words not mine

The Rebel Media

Headed by the Jew Ezra Levant, TRM is just like other Alt-Lite platforms being against feminism, political-correctness, and the West’s destruction. Their channel and commentators all recently went on a trip to Israel, and if you haven’t seen it, please do. The entire trip was spent fellating the Jewish ethnostate to the point of absurdity. There’s so much to see here, you will have to see for yourself: Here, here, and here.

Ben Shapiro

Mr. Shapiro is an attorney and a very eloquent and smart opponent of the mainstream left. He comes from a Jewish family and can argue with both a high level of Machiavellianism and stone cold logic—being a lawyer has its perks. If you haven’t caught the pattern already, he is as subversive as everyone else on this list, and his predilections of condemning “hate speech” (i.e. anti-semitism) like with the rest of the Alt-Lite further shows his true agenda. He fights against the symptoms of the disease rotting away at the West, and not the root causes of the problem. He also thinks that taking the leftist stance that race doesn’t exist and applying it to the right wing will further enhance the movement. When the left has drawn the battle lines along racial phenotypes while at the same time trying to convince you that this is not where the battle is, you have cucks on the other side falling into their trap willingly or ignorantly.

Alex Jones

To give the man credit, his show was one of the first outlets that I watched which gave me a sense of hope that there were people out there who thought like I did. Infowars has been great at attacking Islam, feminism, societal degeneracy, and state overreach to great extent. Alex is known as the “conspiracy guy” since he loves to talk about every one of them. Despite seeming like a light in the sea of darkness, his actual agenda leaks through time and again. He is all about “the globalists” and “New World Order.” He even tried to convince his audience that shape shifting lizard aliens control the elite, instead of actual nefarious humans from Earth. He’s a shill, and he proves it right here. It’s not pretty.

Every Female Commentator Ever

All of them from Lauren Southern to Tomi Lahren have nothing unique to say, and just once again prove that AWALT, and use their image of “traditional hot conservative woman” to get views from thirsty men. Just take a look at every single one of their Instagram accounts. If they’re at least a 6/10, they will post sexy pictures of themselves with impunity alongside their oh-so-unique political commentary. If any of these women were truly conservative, they would be virgins or fewer than two cocks taken. It does no good for the Alt-Right if the prominent females who think they can talk about politics like the men are sleeping with the next guy that makes them tingle at a rally.



Lauren Southern

Brittany Pettibone

Tomi Lahren

Kat Timpf

Gavin McInnes

Gavin is probably the most degenerate out of them all. He is a comedian at heart, and has a high verbal intelligence. He is Christian, but cucks extremely hard for Israel. He is funny and can turn any subject into comedy with his wit and cunning ability to think on his feet. Despite the humorous exterior, he bends over for (((them))) as well as calling things “fascist” or “nazi” when it pertains to Bolshevism and Communism. He claims to draw his conclusions from data, but willfully ignores data that goes against his own delusions. Going back to his degenerate proclivities, here are just a few things he has done that the public could see: he has kissed another man after expressing his adoration for homosexuals, he has shoved foreign objects up his rectum, shown his genitals, gotten tattoos all over his body, married out of his race to a street-shitter, and on top of all this—drinks excessively. If you want a full shilling for Israel affirmation, don’t take it from me. Take it from the man himself.

Faggots have no place on the Right

So happy we are fighting degeneracy guys!

It is important to note the difference between subversives and just downright moderates. Subversives, like the ones I’ve mentioned above, actively work to dismantle and delegitimize the entire movement through good ole’ divide and conquer. Their tactics have not changed, and anyone with a modicum of intelligence should see right through their games. The biggest difference between the subversives and the moderates is that the snakes will fight against us when arms are inevitably taken up, whereas the moderates will support us without actually doing any fighting.

The Alt-Lite is not to be trifled with lightly. They are crafty and clever and will do everything in their power to delegitimize what the Alt-Right strives to achieve by pushing to become the “mainstream” right. We don’t want them getting popular enough to enact policy changes because they will become exactly what the Alt-Right was created to fight against. If you think the Alt-Lite is just a slight deviation from the Alt-Right, you will be surprised when they become exactly like the regressive left—except the only difference will be that the women are hotter, and the men actually workout.

Take a look at these “right-wing” people becoming the very thing they claim to fight against:

Right-Wing Blogger Threatens Legal Action Over Berkeley Instructor’s Vile Insults

Rules for Radical Conservatives: Beating the Left at Its Own Game to Take Back America

Shoving Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Right Back in the Left’s Ugly Face

Alt-Right Implosion: Mike Cernovich Bans Anti-Semite From Alt-Right Event, Guy Retaliates With #MasturGate

Final Notes

Remember to always be vigilant and to not stray from what we ultimately want in the end. No compromises will be made, that time has passed. Anything short of this list is total submission and ultimately death to our enemies foreign and domestic.

Establishment of the ethnostate through relocation of all non-whites to their native homelands
Border wall with Mexico
Restrictive immigration policies as per section 1 of the Acts of the First Congress of the US

Once these are instituted, all other concerns will fall into place (jobs, security, etc).

A final reminder that if these core goals are not implemented to the fullest extent, your homelands as well as your people will be ultimately destroyed and replaced. Getting comfortable with anyone who calls themselves Alt-Right only invites enemies to infiltrate from within. Just because Trump is in the White House doesn’t mean that we can sit kick back and cruise through at least 3.5 more years.

Stay true to what you believe