If you have been around the manosphere and other related red pill sites that talk about girls and PUA, then you probably know most of what is out there about Game has already been covered. The late 90’s and the early 2000’s is when pick up artistry as it is known today began to really take off. Men would try anything because the sexual marketplace had been skewed so far off from what it had been from the golden years of traditional relationships that generations before them enjoyed immensely. The days of being Mr. Stable with a willingness to provide for a wife who wanted to take care of the kids was but a faint memory. Treating a girl to a nice time by going on several dates and being a good person to her just doesn’t cut it anymore in the age of distractions. Girls quite literally get attention from everywhere. They have beta orbiters who are in the permanent friendzone and get no sex. They have hundreds of thirsty guys who like their photos on any and all social media platforms—even leaving tons of comments showcasing their desperation by fawning over her by showering her with compliments. You get the point.

When reading up on all the Game material out there, it can seem like an overload of information. Some advice might seem to contradict others and just when you think you get it, another bit of advice opens up a whole ‘nother side you never thought of before. While over 90% of the advice out there is solid, there comes a time when you have to go out there and apply it. Sitting there reading and reading and reading trying to soak everything up thinking you will become The One is both foolish and naïve. What good is any bit of advice if you aren’t going out and putting it to the test? It’s just words on a screen until you see it happening right before your eyes. So where do you start? What chunk of advice do you remember when in the heat of the moment? Do you freeball it and see where it goes? Will you go back on your beta tendencies? Have not the slightest bit of doubt, because there is one thing to remember if you ever get stuck or hit a roadblock in your quest to slay the pussy dragon:

Make her feel emotions

Sound simple? It is, though it can take some practice to think on your feet in this certain way. You are not memorizing any lines. You are not trying to internalize tons of Game principles through and through. You are just trying to make her feel emotions—specifically a roller coaster of emotions.

Think back to a movie, TV show, or any piece of media that made you feel a lot. The most memorable movies you might see are ones that make you laugh at one point, and cry at another, while making you feel a surge of enthusiasm and then making you long for more by the time it ends. Has anything ever done that to you? Did it make you see it multiple times? Maybe you didn’t cry, but the roller coaster of emotions are a huge hook in getting you to look upon it very favorably, and it works because it releases numerous chemicals in your brain responsible for pleasure. Yes, even negative emotions can elicit pleasure if done the right way.

Here are the four chemicals:

No need to go into those, as the point of this article is not to teach you neurological chemistry. These chemicals are released based on numerous environmental factors that make the person feel good. Now think back to that piece of media—you must become that in the eyes of the girl you wish to fuck or see again. She must see you as the source of her feelings that place you in high esteem. The part of our brain responsible for feeling emotions is our most primal part of the organ. It is also not capable of processing logic, and why when we cannot explain something (which uses logic), we fall back on saying that it just feels right/wrong, or that it is just a gut feeling. It’s not the gut, it’s your brain. When a girl says she just “feels a connection” with someone, it is merely her limbic brain doing its thing releasing the right combination of chemicals—or rather the person she was with eliciting the release of these chemicals.

Now let’s get to the actual emotion making, shall we?

When you find yourself in the presence of a girl you want to see again/bang, you just have to keep her interested by playing with her feelings. Her feelings are your toy, your plaything. They bend to your will. You are the master and commander of her synapses, presiding chief justice in the court of feelings, emperor of excitement and patriarch of pleasure. You have only one mission: to not let her stop feeling something for more than one second. If you’re a naturally funny guy, make her laugh a lot. If you are great at telling juicy details in stories like a talented author, then work with that. Make her laugh one second, then be a total asshole the next by making a comment about how large her earrings make her earlobes. Make her feel excitement for one of your hobbies and then turn it around by saying something shocking that stops her in her tracks. Touch her, make her jealous, startle her to make her heart jump. Mix and match to your desire and to hers. Stagnation is the enemy and boredom is the disease.

I cannot give you a blueprint on how conversations will go because they are all different and circumstantial. The whole point of my article here is not to go into this with a detailed plan, but to let it flow and keep this one nugget of advice on the front burner. When your mind is tuning itself into the feeling of the moment (or how you want her to feel), your words will flow congruently with what you’re feeling. As men, we learn to teach ourselves how not to feel when we swallow the red pill as we equate emotions with weakness. The tricky thing about emotions is to master them, not totally abandon them because if we corrupt ourselves into becoming unfeeling zombies, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to experience happiness when we have finally achieved it. True red pillers master emotions by putting them away when they’re useless, and using them when beneficial. The only people that let emotions run their lives are women and betas.

If you fail? Fuck it. There are literally billions of girls out there. With practice comes mastery. All other Game principles will naturally flow through if you just remember to mess around with her feelings. Over time you will become more attuned to her and her emotions, and you will figure out what to do next. You will learn what flow of emotions works best for you and what sequence of feelings get the best responses, and soon enough you will be making it impossible for her to forget you.