*This list is by no means 100% complete and is subject to grow*

+Added August 1st, 2017


The person that every red pill man strives to be, and every blue pill man secretly wants to become. The alpha does what he wants because he wants to. He has a mission and sticks to it. He has sex with many hot girls but doesn’t place women in the top ten of his priorities. The alpha trains his entire body like a machine for optimal function. He lifts for body, reads for mind, and meditates for spirit. Alphas always are bettering themselves without taking any shortcuts. In short, alphas are the ones giving the orders.

Alpha Fucks/Beta Bucks

The understanding that alphas get the vast majority of the sex while the betas provide the females with resources and stability. Sometimes betas raise the alpha’s child as the alpha is more fit to pass on his genes to the beta’s partner.


The act of physically putting oneself in the presence of a woman for the purpose of applying game and potentially getting her phone number in order to sleep with her sometime in the near future.

Approach Anxiety+

The natural feeling primal fear that can prevent or hinder an approach. It is the butterflies in your stomach when going up to a girl, the gut wrenching feeling, the build up of hesitation and cold feet which can destroy your confidence.


Short for, “All Women Are Like That.” The commonly held red pill belief that all women with very very few exceptions, are all the same through and through. Essentially, the acronym and the accompanying truth serve to reinforce core game principles diminish unnecessary thought about ow to game different girls. AWALT can also stand as an exclamation for when a woman does something that most women typically do, like shit testing and causing drama.


The lesser/weaker of the male species. Betas get very little, if any sex at all. They believe that women should be treated nicely and that “girls don’t like bad boys.” Betas do nothing to improve themselves and think that muscles don’t matter. The beta is an amoeba that conforms to his environment for protection or out of his own insecurity. He prefers to be told what to do rather than be the one making the decisions. He never imposes his will on his environment because he is either too timid or not motivated enough to do so. Betas are all-around submissive to other men and often, to women as well.

Beta Orbiter

These men get female attention, but never any in the form of lust. At worst, the orbiter gets condescending attention from the female. At best, he is her “bestie.” The BO never gets any sex from the females he orbits, but always thinks that he has a chance with them. He may buy her things, do her favors, or be a shoulder for her to cry on. BO’s permanently remain in the orbit of women—wallowing in their own sexual frustration.

Beta Slippage+

In the quest to become the most alpha he can be, a man can sometimes have a brain glitch at any moment. It can be subtle or dangerously overt. It can be in front of a girl, or at a sales pitch. The slippage is mostly sudden and unforseen and takes the man by surprise. When a man acts like a beta for no reason when he is doing everything he can to be an alpha, he experiences slippage. This neurological phenomenon is just part of our brains not being 100% fully used to the alpha life, and depending on the experience of the man, beta slippage can be more or less frequent. When first learning game, slippage can occur with frustrating frequency

Blue Pill

The state of mind when one is under the spell of the lies and delusions that the elites and deceivers have cast upon the world. Blue pillers are universally betas. BP people either believe the lies or refuse to accept reality as it stands before them. They are more comfortable living under the warm embrace of ignorance and will often remain in a stage of denial. Pain is unthinkable to the blue piller and he actively avoids it. blue pillers are not all completely lost, as some come to terms with what is real and finally choke down the red pill.

Divorce Rape+

This term came to be used as a standard umbrella term for the emotional, financial, and possibly physical hell that a man goes through when his wife files for divorce. No matter what, the laws on alimony and child custody are favored overwhelmingly towards the woman, and the man gets shafted at almost every level in order to end this accursed sacrament.

Dread Game+

A tactic used when the woman throws an obscene amount of shit tests at you within a short amount of time. This type of game is employed carefully and sparingly. In order to be effective with this game tactic, you need her to be convinced that you will leave and drop her entirely at any time, or will likely do it imminently, thereby tricking her rationalization hamster into making her think that behaving and letting her man wear the pants is the better option rather than be dumped.

False Rape Accusation+

When a woman decides, either due to her fickle nature or predatory psychopathy, that she did not consent to the sex she received the night before or any time in the past. A false rape accusation can end a man’s life, career, and more if the woman is enough of a bitch.


Synonym for mindset. A man’s frame is how he imposes himself on his environment either verbally or nonverbally. Frame is only present in social interactions. Good frame will give a man leverage or power over his immediate surroundings because he is secure in his own skin and environment. Basically, frame is a way of making others reactive to you instead of you reacting to others.


What started out as a colloquial term for the application of pick up artistry, game has become an all-round approach to better oneself in body, mind, women, relationships, business, and anything else that needs conquering. While it is still mostly used in the context of trying to sleep with girls, it continues to evolve through the struggles and conquests of men around the world.


Short for “Indication of Interest.” A girl will send out subtle cues, whether it is visual, audible, touching, or how she says something—in order to let the man know that she has a sexual interest in him. If the man has tight game and can pick up on the cues, he can easily game her into giving her number, or more. Examples of an IOI is the girl playing with her hair, biting her lip, making her voice high and light, and brushing up next to you. Over 90% of the time, a girl will send these signals without realizing it, as it is hardwired in her brain to send signals to a potential mate.


Last Minute Resistance. When a man thinks he is 100% going to have sex with a girl, he may get stopped at the last possible moment, either when he gets her to come back to his place, or even after taking most of her clothes off. The girl may offer one last protest or start to have second thoughts. If the man has solid game, he will demolish the final barrier to poosy paradise. If he fails, he will get no sex that night.


Long Term Relationship. Self-explanatory.


The online space where masculine men and pick up artists originally convened to come together to share their experiences and collectively figure out what attracts women. It has expanded from trying to sleep with tons of girls to general self-improvement and politics.

Monkey Game+

Entering into a crowd of people or a populated area and approaching the first girl you see. If you get a rejection, you approach the next one you see. You grab what is closest to you and work from there.


Essentially “asshole game,” negging is the act of insulting the girl to the effect of generating attraction by going against the grain of the “beta nice guy.” Negs can be standard insults like making fun of any part of her body, projecting expectations of her that is standard of hotter girls, playful banter, or aggressive flirting. Negs come in all shapes and sizes, but the main objective is to make her briefly think of you as a dick or a douchebag.

Nuked From Orbit+

A colloquial term for a tough rejection form a girl during an approach. This is different than standard rejections in that getting nuked stings for a bit longer than usual. A common nuking from orbit is a girl not even wiling to give you a few minutes to talk. She completely ignores you, walks away after making eye contact, says no before you get a word out, or gives an excuse to not talk within the first few sentences of the conversation. Getting nuked sucks

Omega Enabler

The bane of the male species. OE’s somehow manage to be worse than beta orbiters through their validation and hurling of approval towards any and all girls they come across. They typically do not have many interactions with girls I general, as they are way more timid than betas. They usually populate online spheres to click “like” buttons on photos of girls and provide compliments fawning over the 2D image. When they do have interactions with girls, they tend to create a very awkward situation as they will say things very nervously and without congruence, thereby attaining the title of “creep” by the girls. OE’s are typically thought of as being morbidly obese, but they universally don’t have a favorable body type.

Plate (spinning)

This term comes from a rotating table of appetizers that people seated at the table can choose from. Likewise, “spinning a plate” is defined as having a girl in one’s life as a fuck buddy. A girl can be called a plate if the man has options to pick from.

Purple Pill

Considered as middle ground between red pill and blue pill, purple pillers fall into two categories: either they are on their way to accepting the full-fledged red pill through discovery over time, or they still haven’t shed all their blue pill delusions through ignorance or resistance. Cognitive dissonance typically exists in the purple piller as they have been in a constant state of getting the lies told to them over the years shattered. Purple pillers usually want to learn more and see how far it goes and inevitably become red pill, but in a few rare cases a complete reversal is seen and they return to the blue pill with their tail between their legs.

Rationalization Hamster+

The universal term for a woman’s psyche and her ability to rationalize anything no matter how immoral or depraved it is. Women are the furthest thing from logical creatures, and they can’t help it. The RH, or “hamster” for short uses the hamster spinning on a wheel analogy to apply the metaphor of uselessness and thinking in circles that women do in their little heads in order to justify just about anything—no matter how morally depraved it is.

Red Pill

The state of mind where one is completely unplugged and free from the shackles of chicanery. The red piller sets out every day to improve himself and through the feeling of utter liberation—sets his sights on the next conquest at hand with laser focus.


Short for “Same Day Lay.” When upon meeting a woman, you end up having sex with her on the same day.

Shit Test

When a woman tests a man’s strength, masculinity, wit, and fitness as a mate. Almost 100% verbal, shit tests are biologically hardwired into women’s brains to weed out weak men. A shit test can come as a precursor to an insult like “Are you upset?” or a simple statement like “I have a boyfriend.” When a woman deploys a shit test, the ball is in the man’s court to respond in a way that proves his mettle and handle of the situation. If he passes, he succeeds in creating more attraction from her.


A colloquial term for the “wandering alpha.” Sigma males are exactly like alphas in every way except socially. They prefer to be on their own and do not find solace in large groups. They could be wanderers—travelling the country and banging girls along the way, or they could simply have allegiance to no one but themselves. A sigma doesn’t let anyone stand in his way, and before you know it, he could be gone to further his mission by himself.

Spider Game+

The style of game when you set up a position somewhere and you spot and approach girls that come within your established “approach radius.” A girl may be pursued for one block, but after every approach, you return to your original spot, waiting for another girl to come into your web of seduction.


Synonym for slut. A thot is a girl who at 18 was thought of as God’s gift to the world by the majority of people around her. Everyone laughed at her jokes, showered her with attention, followed her social media, held the door, bought her drinks, and made space for her in their lives. Past age 25, the thot started to notice that things just weren’t the same as they once were. All the attention, drinks, follows, and sense of value started to fade with her youth and she starts to panic. She tries to maintain the carefree party lifestyle out of desperation, but with every passing year the looks from guys shifted away from her and to younger, tighter girls more and more. By the time the thot hits age 30, the nights out just aren’t that fun anymore. Some old thots carry on as usual, filling their gullets with drugs and their cunts with cock—but it all catches up to them someday when the only person that will pay attention to them is the barista taking their order at Starbucks. Other thots will wise up and settle down with a beta who will give them a house to stay in and a Netflix account to numb their pain.

The Wall

The rapidly fading spark of youth in women. Past age 23-25, women’s looks begin to deteriorate. By the time they hit 30, they diminish rapidly. If a woman goes out of her way to take care of herself impeccably through exercise, healthy diet, and refrain from substance abuse, she will remain fuckable until age 45-50 if she has good genetics. Unfortunately, this is only achievable if women strictly abstain from copious amounts of alcohol consumption and carefree sex during their college years and beyond.

Wolf Game+

You will not be working in any packs as you will be alone, but getting inspiration from the wolf, you spot a girl you would like to approach. You don’t approach right away, you stalk for a a short time until she lets her guard down. Maybe she goes up to a stand to buy a pastry, maybe she went into a clothing store and is browsing slowly. In any case, the wolf hunts with the intent to pounce on his prey at the right moment.