We only wanted peace.

Nobody wants to live in a war situation. Nobody.

We do not want their wars to come to our doorsteps, literally.

We dont want to be sitting ducks while being a “racist” apparently makes you lesser than the people that are literally raping and killing your people.

Do you want this culture and the people that were born into it living near you and breeding more of them?

We racists will happily pay out of pocket to relocate them back to their homelands without a scratch on their bodies. We can even feed them a last supper as a goodbye and farewell dinner to celebrate their people making a new life for themselves.

Of course, if there were no Muslims or Africans, most of our problems would evaporate overnight. But since exterminating a people is off the table for now, we can allow them to live on their own.

Conversely, if the current trajectory that our societies are going is not reversed in a peaceful and civilized manner, the invading culture and people will be eliminating options for peace and their own self determination until destroying them outright is the only path left.

I do not want this, nor does the vast majority of people who live here. Do you think we want to let it go far enough where we will be forced to go door to door with heavily armed teams and forcibly expel these vermin from our homelands in order to ensure the very existence of our people? Not in the least bit.

Here is the reality of this situation: these people and the culture that we are told to tolerate have utterly zero tolerance for our people and our way of life, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they have no qualms with our people being killed and openly express their disdain for the host culture that they leech off.

People from Africa and the Middle East should remain in Africa and the Middle East. White countries are not soup kitchens for the rest of the world.

The hypocritical race traitors within our own countries do not make it easy either. These people will tell you that you’re racist (and every other jew invented buzzword) for wanting them out, but will tell you that their homelands are terrible places to live. GEE I WONDER WHY.

I just can’t figure out why the Middle East sucks



Oh sorry it’s because of racism and exploitation by the evil whites, my bad. My bad.




I totally forgot to mention that the people themselves are totally absolved from any responsibility for the terrible state of their country. Derp. Remember that this mindset is what cause the sacred Holocaust goyim! Now open the gates to everyone you bigot!