Almost every man in existence no matter his current red or blue pill mindset is content with settling with a woman at any stage of his life. In his teens he could develop strong feelings for a girl in his school and if he managed to get her in some sort of relationship, he would feel true happiness for a time. It is a highly addictive and intoxicating feeling that can make any man into a beta. A man in his early twenties—all the way through his forties is also perfectly fine with settling with one woman. Though, the similarities between all men end there as the reasons and sentiments for settling vary widely between red pill and blue pill men. Red pill men have vastly different criteria and requirements of their women if they were to stick with only one. Bitterly throwing the crimson capsule down the hatch for men shows them the true nature of women, and the reality of our world as it is today. We laugh at people who “fall in love” and detest people who think beauty is in the eye of the beholder when they wife up a manatee that could offset the orbit of the moon. You could swear she was responsible for the tides coming in and out. As bitter as reality is, we accept it and set out to mold it into something desirable to our own standards.

When a man starts to have that internal conversation with himself about his future relationship goals, he sees a limited number of different options before him, as the path of the beta male is neither favorable nor an option to begin with. He must decide what he wants in the end of his run as a Casanova, if there is an end in sight:

Option 1

Keep playing the field and having a stream of girls come in and out for no-strings sex. Cold approaching and fast lays are the order of the day. If a girl he is using for booty call asks to be exclusive one day, she gets put in her place or downgraded to bottom bitch. This path of the pussy brick road can last as long as the man wants it to. Once the signs of age start to take their inevitable toll, the age window of girls he can bang for free steadily rises. Eventually, the man’s age simply prevents him from bedding teen hotties and he must eventually resign himself to the likes of older used goods. And then eventually when women in their 30s won’t even talk to him, he will be perpetually stuck with women in their 40s and 50s as the only source of free pussy he can acquire. Though, the age this happens to a man is one where he might be perfectly fine finding a woman in her 40s who took care of herself. There are plenty of fuckable holes past their expiration dates. It’s not ideal, but it can work until the man dies of old age.

Pros: Sex until death, always getting new toys, no headaches that come from long term relationships. Gets what he wants from women
Cons: Player burnout, heavy disillusionment with the opposite sex, potential development of hatred after years of fighting in the pussy trenches. No mate, no passing on of his genes. He will die alone.

Option 2

Find a truly traditional girl to settle with. Have children. It is your duty to have children. The man finds himself tired of the sluts and whores that surround him and he finds it within himself to set out on a journey of finding a truly traditional girl. He sets his sights on every cute virgin that he comes across and games them all. He still plays the game like he used to but with every girl he meets, he screens and evaluates with a tough series of tests and trials. If she is not a virgin, he discards her entirely. If she is a virgin (or was one before he banged her), then she has passed the first test. He evaluates her upbringing, relationship with her father, family environment, values, views of gender roles, and her motherly instincts.

Pros: Rewarding, genes are passed on, family is created, patriarchal environment.
Cons: Can get exhausting trying to find that 1% or less of suitable girls out there. The man could end up empty handed in his search as success is not guaranteed. Potential for divorce rape and the negatives that come with marriage and raising a family if he chose the wrong girl or fucks up.

Option 3

Maintain a series of semi-long term relationships over time. No children. You can’t quite keep a girl for long, either because you end up dating damaged women/sluts, or you end the relationships yourself when you get bored. Pretending that you are in a committed relationship with a girl for a while makes you think that maybe a wife wouldn’t be so bad, except the girl you are with at the moment is neither wife material or mother material. The decision to settle for a little while is mostly out of convenience or security. Finding new girls constantly takes effort and time, and coming home to a girl who you can play “house” with feels fine when you’re young.

Pros: Stability for a period of time, little strings attached, health of the relationship is dependent on the discipline of the woman and the game of the man.
Cons: As life goes on you will find it harder and harder to find a young girl who wants to settle for something longer term. Pussy supply is limited to the girl you are with.

Option 4

Maintain a small harem of girls who live with you and bear you children for you to raise. Different from polygamy as you will not be marrying any of them.

Possibly the toughest path on this list. If the nature of women continues to send them on a path to self-destruction and the sexual marketplace gets too broken, then men may be forced to maintain serious relationships with multiple girls at once.

Pros: Genes passed on, more than one girl to satisfy the man, extreme patriarchal home environment
Cons: Household stability depends on strength of patriarch, very uncommon situation, lack of one true mate

Option 5

Use your wealth later in life to keep a girl around

You may be rich at 35 or 55. Whatever age this happens, you decide that it is too much effort to find a suitable girl for marriage. Money can buy anything, and a loyal wife is no different. You figure it is easier to find a girl who can agree to the deal of living with you. You may not openly tell her that she’s a glorified sugar baby, but it is implied. With the wealth you have acquired, your efforts switch from finding a girl that will love you and wanting your children, to a girl that will stick around even if she just likes your money. Hopefully, you can mold the girl into something you love over time.

Pros: No shortage of girls, money flow guarantees positive returns
Cons: Gold diggers can burn you, predatory women, possible empty relationship

Option 6

When you’re too old to cold approach young girls, pay for hookers until your cock falls off.

Looking back on his conquests of the past, the man, having reached the age of too many wrinkles, sees that the time for pickup is over. Girls younger than 30 won’t even look at him now, and now the only option he has left is girls that sell pussy for cash. At his age, the man doesn’t care. Whether he believed paying for sex was beneath him for not is irrelevant. That is his only option left. He is either content with doing this for the time he has left on this world, or he bitterly fucks the escorts until permanent ED sets in.

Pros: Sex until death, new girls whenever you want
Cons: Genes not passed on, possible angry sentiments, no mate, risk of desease

Option 7

Arrange for a girl to carry your child and give to you as the sole guardian once they are born.

Surrogate mothers as a means to pass on your genes is a last resort if you waited too long to have children with a mate. A lot has changed since the days that Abraham dicked Hagar. These days, if you think having a surrogate mother means you get to bang any girl who is willing, then you are sorely mistaken. What will likely happen is a long process of legal paperwork and having you cum into jars. When the woman is ready, she will be inseminated by a needle and a doctor with latex gloves. It is all very mechanical and it feels unnatural, but if you want a child that bad then it is an option. If you are going to have children though, best to do it the traditional way.

Pros: Genes passed on, father figure in child’s life.
Cons: Biological mother not present for children’s upbringing, unnatural way to reproduce, child may not take the reality of their conception lightly later in life.

What Path Will You Choose?

It is tough to know what will become of your love life when you learn game. These kind of decisions are not simply something you fall into. A man must impose his will on his environment and when he decides to take one road instead of the other, he will do it by his own accord.