Many of us who are redpilled enough to know that nonwhite immigration will lead to the replacement and destruction of whites realize that death, war, and famine will rear their ugly heads when the situation reaches its critical mass. Whites backed into a corner will fight back and retake their homelands from the literal dark mass that is making its way into every corner of our lives. They kill us, take our lands and our resources, and our governments demand we pay more. Thankfully, the US is seeing an upside with mass deportations, new immigration policies, and a resurgence of the beautiful racism that had kept the US pure and healthy for most of its lifetime. Some of you might be able to recognize the hidden danger that I am alluding to here. Three horsemen of the apocalypse have already started taking their toll, but the fourth could be a danger to whites for years to come even after we expel all invaders from our countries: Pestilence.

Yes, the silent killer that can wipe out entire populations that unfortunately hasn’t been able to keep up with the birth rate of Africa and the Middle East is disease. More specifically, AIDS and Ebola.

Luckily for us, Ebola is mostly localized and kills way too fast to spread very far. Even more luckily, it only comes around when the conditions are right and one of the many stupid apes that live on that accursed continent eats an infected animal.

AIDS, on the other hand, can spread far and wide if the initial infected population is overly promiscuous and uncaring or ignorant of the consequences that are wrought through their negligence and recklessness. Hmmm, sounds like your typical negro to me. The rate of AIDS in white countries is very minimal, but the rate of AIDS in Africa is ridiculously high. Africa alone hosts more than two-thirds of AIDS cases in the world, and was responsible for nearly three-fourths of the 2.1 million new HIV infections in 2013.

Those red spots will jump ship to Europe and elsewhere


Bad news though, the niggerization of our countries means that their problems are coming to our doorstep. If you thought that villages in Africa got ravaged by Ebola, imagine the damage it could do in a European city combined with the virulently anti-white sentiments and policies with the willingness to turn an area into a police state of things get out of hand (in only white areas of course). If a white part of town were to be infected with Ebola, then the government would step in, declare martial law, and watch from the sidelines as the people died. After the last few remaining succumbed to the illness, they would fill the vacancies with the subhumans they import. Once the whites were replaced in that area, they would leave and call it a “no-go zone,” continuing the cycle of death/replacement/subsidization.

And what about the proliferation of AIDS? Well, our women are getting raped, and mudsharks exist. When AIDS first came around, it only affected fags. While I believe that HIV was created in a lab to wipe out the gay population, fudgepackers still managed to infect normal people and create a big problem—and this was before we invited undesirables into our lands. Even then, porch monkeys account for almost half of HIV cases, despite being only 12-14% of the population of the US.

With the savage hordes from Africa and the Middle East descending upon us, they bring their violence, laziness, parasiticalness, and disease to us. They rape, pillage, and take. Thinking this won’t cause a disease problem for whites is highly naïve. Mudsharks taint themselves by lying with these animals, and they rape our women without consequence. Over time, the mudsharks will likely sleep with men of their own race, as they are whores to begin with, thereby infecting them. This, combined with the rape and the whites getting infected spreading it too will cause whites to be afraid to reproduce out of the fear of contracting the deadly disease, since whites are much more likely to exercise this kind of judgment and caution. This will be a large domino in the genocide of whites if we are not careful and keep these muds in our countries. Niggers don’t care if they have HIV or not, they fuck like rabbits and have zero regard for who they can infect and exercise zero restraint if their 70 IQ brain grasps the gravity of their situation. Their population is not declining anytime soon. Ours is, and fast.


I can hear the cucked doctors saying, “but we have come a long way from the 80s and have treatments to keep people alive and live long and happy lives.” That’s true, but treatment is for the rest of your life, and you will be paying out of your ass to keep yourself alive every year. Your life will be miserable if you are not filthy rich. Most people aren’t, and cannot afford the treatment required. Even if the taxpayers foot the bill, it will not be enough since resources are strained anyway, and the tax money comes almost exclusively from whites. The treatments will not get cheaper because the pharmaceutical industry creates customers, not cures.

So how do we fix this?

Prevention, segregation, ethnostate.