Greetings, people of Europe

The existential crisis facing the native (white) peoples of your countries has nearly reached its critical mass and is almost ready to implode. Within the past few years, millions of invaders have already entered Europe and millions more per year will keep coming. This article is for all Europeans concerned about whether or not their people will even exist in the future.


For millennia, nations were defined by the genetics and customs of people who lived in them. That’s what worked, and that’s what kept the peace within borders. China was for Chinese people, Germany was for Germanic/Gothic peoples, and Egypt was for Egyptians. Nobody questioned this because every people had the right to their own self-determination in their own countries. If one country’s economic policy resulted in hyperinflation and food shortages, the people suffered and the country either endured or collapsed. They didn’t just all pack up and leave en masse to countries who had their shit together. Even if a wave of refugees showed up, they were either slaughtered or turned away because the country that would potentially be receiving them wanted no part of the failures of the other country’s people.

Now, we think that countries are founded on “ideals,” that principles and documents like “constitutions” transcend genetics and race. We ignore the biological wiring that has served us for all of human history, because humans, or (((certain ones))), want us to think everyone is equal and that a country can hold a multitude of different types of people who will fully adopt their values and customs through total assimilation. Right now though, the consensus among the governments of most white countries and the rats that influence them is that everyone should come in regardless of where they are from. It doesn’t matter that some dirt world village cannibalized a toddler because  they thought it would give them superpowers. Let them all in! We’re tolerant of all! Eat foreskins? Who cares! Your culture is UH-MAAZING!


The inspiration to build architecture like this was truly profound

Another major glaring factor in the compatibility of peoples is their religion. Like I said, the people of “progress” think that religious affiliation has nothing to do with the values that you hold and that what is contained in what you believe is merely open to tons of interpretations or just outright ignored if it suits you. They ignore the fact that nations were built upon the values instilled in them by their religion that existed for centuries. Christians were one people, and Muslims were another. They existed on their own for a very long time, even warring with one another on multiple occasions. If religion was not important as the progressives would say, then everyone would be the same as there was nothing else for your people to hold onto and cherish. Religion is the glue that holds all other institutions together. Only in recent years have we seen religion constantly under attack in favor of Atheism and Satanism. At the same time that we are told religion has no place, we are ridiculed for pointing out that there are other people who have a religion that explicitly says to kill us. So religion is metaphysical and irrelevant but our enemies can use it as an excuse to ignore and shit all over our values and people? You can’t have it both ways. In case it wasn’t obvious before, hypocrisy is a defining characteristic of the tolerant left and their allies.

European countries were founded on Christian values and principles. The Bible was the guiding text for many, and the inspiration for numerous leaders who saw it as their civic duty to God to build a country upon its teachings—just as Japan built its nation with Bushido and Shintoism at the ideological helm. Japan has those values ingrained in its population one way or another. Maybe they don’t commit seppuku anymore, but they certainly still have their shame culture thriving.


what our countries should be

The disease of multiculturalism had humble beginnings. We enjoyed the cheaper fruit, the greasy cuisine, and the cheaper labor. We played with the idea of having people from other cultures come within our borders because why not? Immigration was not a huge issue to us because whites are the most tolerant race on the planet. We prosper and exceed by our own merits and decide to be nice to everyone else who are below us. The strings of our hearts were played like a harp when “minority” groups can’t seem to compete with us, so we give them a little pick-me-up. What is really an issue of competency gets misconstrued as an issue of advantaged vs. disadvantaged. We misplace the real reason for our good fortunes as being reaped from exploitation and selfishness of groups that have not had the same success as us. “Success is failure, good is bad, justice is punishment.” It is an endless cycle of growth-prosperity-empathy-submission-decline-slavery. Whites delude themselves into the notion that we owe everyone everything we’ve ever gained because we were simply better. The builders who had higher aspirations and the will and strength to create modern societies were spat on for being “racist” and “privileged.” We blame the failures of non-whites on us and make it our mission to “save” them. Europe was homogeneous (vast majority white) for their entire history until very recent years.

Fight For Your Existence

This occupies my dreams at night

Europe, your family begins with your closest of kin, and extends to the confines of your race and your race alone. It is not wrong to want to be with your own. Your countries are for your people only and any non-white has no right to claim ownership of any land or any capital that your people produce. Your governments are importing people that couldn’t lift up their own societies to the heights of whites, so what makes you think they will decide to do so for yours? You give them nice homes, food, clothing, phones, and more money than many people in your country make who actually go to work. You are paying for your own destruction. These people have no love for your people or your lands. They rape, pillage, murder, insult, and beg for the means to do it again and again. If that is not the definition of an invasion then I don’t know what is.