What you think you know about World War 2 is the result of Hollywood propaganda, half-truths, and outright lies and omission. Understanding the whole of this time period as well as periods leading up to it are some of the largest red pills you will ever swallow.

Hitler Initiated Peace Talks

“We will force this war on Hitler, if he wants it or not.” -Winston Churchill, 1936


After reclaiming the land lost in the Versailles Treaty and quickly finishing the conflict with Britain and France, he stretched out his hand in peace. These gestures were seen as military blunders in the Battle of Britain, like in the case of Dunkirk. There were over two dozen offers for peace between 1939 and 1941. Churchill was having none of it and focused all his efforts in getting the United States involved in the war.

One of his speeches. A bit tough to read but it was the largest print I could find

Hitler Had Reasons To Invade Poland

What kind of post-war treaty makes a country fractionated and not allowed access to their own territory?


The Treaty of Versailles essentially raped Germany of any autonomy they would have had following WW1. Among the exorbitant demands in payments in cash and goods, reduction of military, and allowance of the French to waltz in as they pleased to take what they wanted, Germany lost land on all sides. The only loss of significance to this point was to the East. Poland took a wide strip of land which separated East Prussia and the Reich, so essentially East Prussia was a German controlled island in the middle of Polish occupation. Hitler tried many times to remedy land access issues with Poland to East Prussia, but the Poles never took his negotiations seriously. On all fronts, the land that was lost contained large amounts of ethnic Germans, all of whom were despised by their occupying nations. With the rest of the Allies turning a blind eye, Poland drew new maps which showed Germany having even less territory than they got in the Versailles Treaty. Polish soldiers forcibly displaced ethnic Germans, burning their homes and shooting at those who were trying to flee. Around 80,000 Germans were displaced as a result of this program. This all came to a head when Poland ruthlessly massacred the German minorities in Danzig and elsewhere. They did this thinking there would be no repurcussions from defeated Germany, as well as knowing they had continued support from the Allies. Hitler had to make a choice, invade Poland to save the rest of the ethnic Germans in West Prussia, risking war with Britain, France, and the Soviet Union, or watch as his people got annihilated. He shocked the world when he made the pact with Stalin ensuring that Russia would not retaliate. By the time Germany invaded Poland, 58,000 ethnic Germans were slaughtered by the Poles. The worst massacres took place in Bromberg between August 31 and September 6. Bloody Sunday was coined for the killing that took place on September 3rd. On the 18th of September, the massacres only stopped when German troops showed up to meet the Poles. As a result of the invasion, Polish citizens in non-occupied areas went in to a frenzy, raping and murdering any ethnic Germans they could get their hands on. Another fact you may not know, Stalin invaded Poland as per agreement with the non-aggression pact, but France and England only declared war on Germany.

There Was A Jewish Coup Attempt After WW1

Red revolutionaries funded by Max Warburg


In 1919, Communist leaders Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg attempted a “red” revolution with the support of other socialist groups to opportunistically overthrow the German government that was still reeling over the defeat of WW1. With high unemployment, massive post-war debts, resource shortages, and general suffering had by the German people, these two helped arm and organize both fellow Jews and disgruntled Germans affected by the war, with financial support by wealthy banker Max Warburg. Warburg also sent large payments to Lenin and Trotsky in Russia to overthrow the Tsar in the Russian Revolution.

The Soviets Used Whatever Means Necessary To Frame The Germans As Evil

The NKVD trained with and used this exact method of execution to the back of the neck/head. These events were confirmed by the Russian government


Russia is no stranger to scorched earth tactics. The Torch Men Order was one of the most infamous of the orders given by Stalin next to order 227. It was brutal and heinous in its execution. Russian partisans used captured German uniforms and mock uniforms when carrying out their orders. They were ordered to burn entire towns and villages in a certain radius close to the German front lines as well as execute the entire population. They made sure to leave a couple willing participants alive to spread rumors that the Germans committed these acts in order to increase conscription. The Germans, on the other hand, would come across the aftermath of these incidents, and had programs in place such as the Ostacker Program to restore devastated lands. It is completely illogical for an advancing army to destroy the infrastructure they needed to use to help with their advancement into enemy territory.

The NSDAP Had Actual Reasons For Their Anti-Semitism


Jews were incredibly overrepresented in all aspects of the German public sphere. They were responsible for the creation of the cultural rot within the Weimar Republic. They created the first ever homosexual play in Hamburg in the 1920s. Jews had control of 50% of the media and 70% of all judges. They had enormous hands in the creation of movies, theater, and literature which glorified decadence and immorality. Jews were at the origin of catastrophic bank crashes between 1870-1920. In that time, the crashes siphoned assets and capital from native Germans and funneled it to the perpetrators. Adultery plays in the 1880s-1890s came about. Sexual perversions, sadism, and masochism were pushed as “art” by Jewish intellectuals, and books ridiculing Jesus and Christianity were foisted onto the public. Simply parrotting the “scapegoat” fallacy bolsters the notion that anti-semitism is anyone who opposes any part of the Jewish agenda.

Jewish Boycott Of German Goods Came Before German Boycott Of Jewish Goods

Group interests are strong in this one


In March, Judea (Jewish Palestine) declared a worldwide boycott of German goods. Summarily in April, Germans boycotted Jewish goods. Joseph Goebbels worked to overturn the Jewish trade embargo. Kristallnacht was merely an overreaction by the deprived and war weary Germans to their awakening of Jewish domination and usury.

The Transfer Agreement


In 1933, a secret agreement between Hitler and Jewish leaders in Palestine was arranged to send all Jews and their assets back to their homeland safely. That’s right, their wealth was intact. The agreement was stunted in 1940-1941 when WW2 made it difficult to continue the resettlement.

The Haavara Agreement was the official term for the Transfer Agreement


Many people are not ready to hear facts about this time period because of the inter-generational brainwashing and utter vilification of the Third Reich, preventing any sane discourse or serious study into all sides. These facts are not meant to turn you into a “Nazi sympathizer,” but rather to inspire thought about what you were told by the victors who wrote your history books; because true understanding of this time period is the key to totally understanding the world as it is today. As a final note, I will leave a quote by the deified Winston Churchill:

“You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.”