DOOM is a game about killing demons to the tune of heavy metal. It is fast paced and doesn’t let up. It is ultra-violent and satisfies that ancient primal caveman desire to murder things with extreme prejudice. It is a man’s game, and you should feel your dick get bigger after playing it.

Halloween Costumes

Next time you go out for Halloween to a party, try wearing a masculine costume and play up the persona to gross effect. Be a Spartan or a lumberjack and give girls their ultimate fantasy of fucking some of the manliest people in human history.


Archer is a television show that parodies James Bond and is about a spy agency and the relationships and adventures of its employees, namely Sterling Archer. Archer is a great point to start if looking for an alpha male personality to mimic.


Getting into a physical sport like boxing or Jiujitsu is very primal. It really tests your manhood and can get you ahead of the game in the confidence and competence department.


Motorcycles convey masculine energy immensely because they show disregard for danger, and love of freedom. I’m talking about real motorcycles, not mopeds. Anything over 200ccs can be considered a motorcycle. The vibration on it vibrates girls’ clits and has a Pavlovian effect on them of associating you with the vibration that is causing them to feel great.

Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a great way to segue into sexual touching and interaction and can help escalate things quickly. Bonus points if you have a motorcycle and go straight into the tub after a ride.

Dangerous Driving

Sometimes a bit of danger can wet a girl’s panties. Driving fast or slightly recklessly in a way that makes her think you will crash can trigger certain emotional responses in your favor. It is better achieved with a motorcycle or a car that actually can be high performance. Not recommended though, proceed with caution.


Having a six pack (not beer) can help you push the interaction more in the direction you want. Muscles in general help convey the alpha image, but abs can turn an awkward hello into shooting fish in a barrel.

Heavy Metal

Music like metal can supercharge your workouts and make you demolish personal records, or get you through that last set. Masculine music rhythms and beats can add a whole new layer to your lifting game if you don’t listen to music already.


Knowing how to cook a killer meal can get you sex when you initially weren’t going to. This isn’t to say that you put on an apron and become her slave chef. You need to be smart about it, and only cook her a meal when she is on your turf and you are calling the shots that lead to the bedroom.

Public Speaking

Public speaking skills show fearlessness and a sense of importance to women and will improve all areas of your life. Lack of timidity and having the mental fortitude to confidently state what you believe to a room of strangers is an attractive trait.


Steak is a man’s meal. A steak after a workout will give you the protein and nutrients you need to help your muscles recover and build themselves.


When there are times of uncertainty when you’re not sure whether you should do something, always choose to act. Inaction is the realm of betas.


Ditch the boy perfume like axe and those ridiculous smelling sprays meant for teens and preteens. If you want a girl to smell you, make her discover it with a nice cologne applied very lightly on the neck. Don’t overdo it.


A nice suit can make the man. Getting a bright colored, multicolored, or white suit is only for gays, children and Mark Twain. Crisp, stock colors that match show a sense of style, without looking like a beacon that screams “attention whore.”


This one’s for the younger men here. If you still have mementos from your childhood anywhere, put them into storage, give them away, or throw them out. When a boy becomes a man he casts away childish things.


Quitting porn is what every man should do. Semen retention makes you more masculine, faster, stronger, more focused, and gives you a higher sex drive to pursue women.


Sad to say, but posters do not communicate “edginess,” or “culturedness.” It only shows that you haven’t grown up. Guys in college can get a pass for having posters on their walls. At home though, they should go.


While the kind of car you have doesn’t really matter ultimately, selecting a car is part of who you are and what you want to project to the world. If you choose a hybrid or a smart car, you will be hard pressed to find a girl who will sleep with you.


Regardless of whether you’re a cat or dog person: cats are feminine, dogs are masculine. Women would be more attracted to a man who can handle a dog, than one with a cat. Big dogs are also grossly preferred over small dogs. Think German Shepherd, not Chihuahua.


A man who lifts is more masculine than a man who doesn’t. Lifting produces testosterone.


Real men eat as healthy as they can and avoid the poison that will destroy their bodies. The added hormones also have a detrimental effect on your health and can produce female sex hormones.


Feminine hobbies should be discarded, while masculine ones should be taken up and mastered.


A man should always read books to keep his mind sharp and his wit fine-tuned. Well-read men are smarter and are ahead of similar men who don’t read.


A real man cuts and splits his own wood with an ax. Forego the power tools and do the labor yourself.


A woman should submit to you, and look to you for comfort. Masculine men keep their women in line and leave her if she doesn’t give him what he wants.


A man with a live-in woman shouldn’t do any of the cleaning or house duties. Women’s duties should be left to women, period.

Video Games

Keep gaming to a minimum. Too much means it’s a crutch for social interaction and self-improvement. Stay in reality much more than you indulge in fantasy.


A man shouldn’t waste his time even talking to obese hogs. Even chubby girls should be on your bad list. Men who date fat whales only contribute to the obesity epidemic.

Body Hair

Masculine men have standards for their women. No matter how hot she is, if she has hair anywhere else besides her head and very little around her vagina, then she goes in the discard bin.


Men should keep their body well fuelled and well maintained. If you are not getting enough of a certain nutrient, be sure to supplement it in your diet to keep your body happy.


An alpha male doesn’t have to pay for sex to get sex. In fact, he shames whores for reducing their body to a base commodity for anyone to buy. If a man pays for sex, then he deserves the lowest quality of woman.


A man should strive to be his own boss, and not have to answer to anyone. If a man’s boss is a woman, he should quit immediately.


When a man has children, it is his responsibility to raise them into tough and morally sound individuals. A man’s daughter should not grow into a slut, and a man’s son should grow into a strong alpha.


An alpha male spends very little money on his women. A beta male spends money thinking he will be rewarded later.


An alpha male knows happiness comes from within. A beta male thinks the flesh and coin will bring happiness.


A man who keeps his word is a man who deserves respect and comradeship. A man who breaks promises is merely an acquaintance.


When a man is faced with options, he should always choose the harder path, because it is always more rewarding.


A man who places his value in how others value him is no man at all.


A man who quits easily is low in confidence and testosterone.


A man who can endure pain is more of a man than one who flees from pain.